Just a Tool: Online Course

  • Category: Web Course
  • Client: Durham University
  • Project date: May 2021


An online course on internet safety implemented on YouTube and MS Sway designed specifically for retired individuals.

STAR Breakdown

  • Situation: with the average age of an internet user increasing as more retired individuals turn to the internet, the threat of cyber-crime to those individuals is increasing too. With the currently existing materials for retired people being extremely lackluster, too technical or simply advertisements for security products, there was an open market for a purely educational resource made directly for that demographic.
  • Task: I wanted to make an online resource that could be shared en masse to the University of the 3rd Age, a national organization for retired individuals to learn and share skills.
  • Action: As I was interested in finding out how to appeal to individuals who were on average much older than me, I read extensive literature on Andragogy and Geragogy. Having read the recommended methods of teaching to an audience older than yourself, I began implementing this knowledge as an interactive worksheet in Microsoft Sway. This particular worksheet covered 3 topics shown to be important during interviews with the target demographic: Cookies, Location Data and Scams. The worksheet included 3 feedback forms allowing for accurate data gathering. These feedback forms then gave me valuable insights as to how to adapt my approach when creating the 4 online videos.
  • Result: Based on the extensive feedback forms, there was a large upward trend in online confidence in the individuals that took the course, increasing by up to 46%. I am currently in contact with U3A discussing making the course available on their website.